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Todd And Elena

Owners Todd and Elena Foster are both residents of Tucson, Arizona. Todd is originally from Ohio and Elena, his wife, is a native Tucsonan.  They are local business owners involved in the community and have the passion for providing an environment of success within the home environment of an aging individual with compassionate, focused assistance.   

Elena is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in Medical Home Health Care.  This experience has made her uniquely qualified in understanding the importance of individualized care to maintain health and safety within the home and reduce factors that may bring about hospitalizations or injuries within the home.  Providing excellent focused non-medical care at home is a driving passion.  

Elena worked for two major home health agencies as a Registered Nurse.  While out in the field, she noticed the importance of home safety and well-being of the client and how health and physical strength play an essential role in the ability of independence in the home. Many of her clients needed assistance with bathing, home maintenance and chores such as laundry, errands, activities of daily living- such as dressing or grooming, and medication management due to changes in the ability in providing care for themselves brought about by injury or illness. 

 Health and the geriatric population has always been important to Elena. As a young girl, she would frequently play the piano during church Bible studies within the Nursing Homes.  When she became a young mother, she would continue participating with her children to expose and teach them the value of serving others. 

 Serving others continued in Haiti during medical mission trips to provide eyeglasses for persons that could not afford them. She continued her education and became a nurse who offered more significant opportunities to serve others in difficult health circumstances. Elena’s first job as a nurse was in a Skilled Nursing facility.  The task was challenging but became more comfortable as she learned how to lead by example with her caregivers and how taking care of others is a team effort.  She then became a Home Health Nurse-Case Manager, providing medical instruction, supervision, and management of care to homebound individuals.  Communication was vital during case management with all parties involved, which varied from family, physicians to licensed providers.


The mission of Vida at Home is to provide above and beyond the routine care found in current non-medical home health agencies with excellent caregivers that have been given specific direction depending on the client’s specific care needs and proactive communication with family and all concerned parties.  Instruction on the client’s disease process and medication regimen is provided to the individual, family, and caregivers who will foster an environment of success in the home.   

 Hobbies for Todd and Elena include the outdoors where they enjoy camping, hiking, and the use of an ATV to access areas in the wilderness that most people have not seen.  They also enjoy entertaining family and friends at their home in Tucson. Their family consists of five children and two grandchildren, including her father and extended family within Arizona. Owners Todd and Elena Foster are both residents of Tucson, Arizona. 

Vida At Home
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