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Home Care Services

Getting the home care services you need can be a challenge. Vida At Home can help. We are proud to be different from other agencies. Yes, we provide a wide range of caregiving services that many others’ provide. As a result, where we differ is how and why we do it. Caregiving, in particular, senior care is a passion for us, and we look for the same in our caregivers. If a caregiver is not good enough for our mother, they’re not good enough for yours.

Vida At Home Caregivers

Our applicants go beyond a regular background check, drug testing & training. We look for PASSION,  CHARACTER, and PERSONALITY. Vida At Home caregivers are special! Being a Vida At Home caregiver means your the elite. We hire less than 1 out of 10 applicants. When our caregivers go into assisted living facilities all over Tucson, our green Vida At Home shirts are recognized, and facility employees have told us everybody notices when a Vida At Home caregiver shows up their “different in the way they carry themselves”

Nurse Oversight

Being a Nurse-led caregiving agency is a BIG deal. Everybody’s situation is different. Having a nurse oversee and develop a care plan helps keep our client’s home and out of the hospital. Every illness comes with it’s own complications. We instruct our caregivers on markers of what to watch for and check, with each and every client based on their own illness(s). In many cases, we have seen improvement in our clients’ strength, health, and overall well being. 

Case Management and Communication

We make sure all parties involved with the care of our clients’ are always in the loop. Vida At Home uses the most advanced home care management applications and software. In other words, we don’t let essential details of your loved ones care to fall through the cracks. 


Home Care Experience

We have many years of working in home health. Being a Registered Nurse has provided much insight into the needs of the home. While observing other caregiving agencies, we took note and created a better way of taking care of people at home. Our experience has offered us the ability to clearly understand the needs within the household, which not only involves the client but involves the care for everybody involved in the responsibility of the individual. For example, many times, it’s the husband, wife, son, and daughter that needs respite care due to being the primary caregiver in the home. Our handpicked caregivers bring decades of experience and compassion to our clients.

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